Monday, February 7, 2011

Welcome To My Blog

Good Afternoon All:

Today I start a project I've thought about for quite sometime but never actually put together.  Like many of my ideas they seem exciting in my head but only 20% become something tangible. So here is to making 30% this year. As most of my friends know I've been into gardening and canning for the last 4 years. Every year I try to plant new things in spring and some old favorites. This year I'm going to blog about what I'm doing and planning this way I can get feed back and maybe inspire someone out there to try something new themselves.  In this blog I hope to share my passions for Gardening, Seed Preservation, Plants, Canning, Cooking, Baking, and Home Projects. I encourage ideas and comments on everything I post.
   Here is a little background on myself:

I was born in New York City moved to Maryland when I was 3 and then Texas around 4 years old.  When we moved to Texas we started outside of Dallas and ended up getting a Ranch in Aubrey just outside Denton. We raised thoroughbreds at Phoenix Farm located on 25 acres with two stock ponds in a town of 150 people. I was very much the tom boy I had a pack of dogs that where my friends and cohorts. I would come home from school and go hiking for hours. I would hunt for wild edibles, bugs, Indian artifacts, rocks, and fossils.  In summer there seemed to be an endless bounty of blackberries, and fall persimmons. My mother was the most amazing person to watch growing up she was always working on new projects and running the whole ranch by her self. I would help with what I could but mostly she taught me how things worked and let me play.  My father was always away with work he traveled a lot but when he was home he would do the manly rent equipment jobs and do them badly. Think Tim Allen on “Home Improvement” and you have my dad. Every year we did a good size garden which had cherry tomatoes that would reach twice my height and were so sweet that you could stand in the garden and pick for an hour and never fill a bucket because you just kept eating them. My mom canned a lot in the summer and I would always try to help. This I think started many of my hobbies I enjoy. We had some changes in life and moved up to Maryland to be near the grandparents. A lot has changed in my life but the Warm summers and the bounty shared with family is something I will never forget and hope to share with my children someday.


  1. Good luck with the blog, looks good so far. I saved you organic, heirloom okra seeds from my garden last year!

  2. great going! love the recipe, and love the stories!

  3. i will definitely be looking forward to reading ALL your blogs! great job!

  4. Yummy Goodness!

    I want to see YOUR garden.