Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dwarf Wonders

    One of the comments on my last post got me thinking about something I spend a lot of time researching trees and how to plant and enjoy them no matter how much space you have for them. A couple of years ago I started experimenting with starting trees from seeds for porch plants. I started with one of the easiest to start the avocado. Once I mastered that I moved to starting a mango which I started but after 2 months lost the entire 1st batch proving that growing trees from seed can seem easy but takes a lot of patience and sometimes sad loss.  Dwarf trees can add so much to character to your home and garden small in stature, dwarf trees will produce the same size and amount of fruit as their larger counterparts.

There are many websites out there to help you explore growing container trees.

How to Dwarf Trees
Dwarf Trees for Beginners

If you are not into the waiting part there are also good nurseries to buy already started trees.
Direct To You Trees
Nature Hills
This is my dreamers page all kinds of things I plan on planting! 

It is important to take special care of these gems they can grow with you for years but if forgotten about will fade fast. Also check your climate zone to make sure that the temperature doesn’t get to Hot or Cold. In off weather your plants can thrive in the home and give you fresh air and air moisture.

Planting Zones

What trees do you dream of growing? 

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  1. I love the idea of having a yard of useful trees and plants that come back every year.

    This is the coolest example of an ancient garden: