Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Let’s Start a Movement

    I’d like to share an idea/soapbox I have had for the last couple years. It starts out with standing in a grocery aisle and noticing how much packaging is on our everyday products. You have an annoy coating of plastics, cardboard, mixed metals, and who knows what else covering pretty much all of our grocery items. In many states store are trying to go bag-less to  promote reusable bags at check outs but no one is looking at the stock in aisles! With the 3 R’s being the new old trend companies are missing the big picture on how to save on their bottom line and help consumers.  So with that said here is my soapbox on this topic:

    Let’s take a walk back in time to 1940 in the same store and grocery aisles most products would be in reusable glass jars, bottles, and butchers paper. If you bought your favorite mayonnaise it would be in a jar that fit a stander canning lid and ring. I have a bunch of these I still can with 50 years later. That jar of pickles you bought on a whim in 1940 could be made into canned veggies from the victory garden. Think of all the things you buy in jars all year and if you are a caner like me think of how many jars you buy. Even those that don’t can could save them for the ladies at church or for a friend maybe a family member. It would be like a dream to receive free jars from friends I’d even give them back some filled.  Not to mention the buzz going around about how cans have a lining that could cause harmful agents to the food. Plus older cans can taste like the can! Ick that doesn’t happen in my jars! 

    I just don’t understand why companies moved to plastics, and glass that doesn’t fit a stander lid sizes? Could someone tell me why it is smarter to have a jar you can’t reuse as a canning jar compare to one you can. If a company wanted to start a new old trend that would help families in these hard times it would make sense to me to bring back the old jar standard. With more families canning not just as hobby or traditions but for subsistence of the family it would be a great way to help. It should not be too hard for those manufacturing jars to start changing over the lid size.    

Let’s start a movement! Tell companies and stores you want reusable jars and products that they changed to plastics (OIL) changed back! We want less packaging on things we buy, and more ways to reuse them in the home not just send packaging to an over loaded recycling program.

Reduce, REUSE,  Recycle! 

Here are some contacts to write if you feel so moved:

Here is a recommend link and Video that I feel everyone should see!

What are your thoughts?


  1. Honestly, people are too lazy to even send these companies an email half the time. I suggest writing a generic email with (insert company name here), and that way they can just cut and paste and send. Easy-peasy! Good idea though -- I wonder if any companies could see the sense in more reuse-ables.

  2. that certainly makes sense to me - all the throwaway packaging always makes me furious. of course the more locally grown unprocessed foods one can use the less packaging one may have but we all have to buy something, sometime that could be packed much smarter. and while we are writing the companies we should insist that using less packaging shouldn't equate to higher prices because it's 'better', like 'less sugar' products are higher priced because they are 'healthier' - THEY ALSO HAVE LESS IN THEM!! that one always gets me. you have a lot of great ideas - let's keep hearing them!

  3. that is a great idea!~ I will contact them all. I was thinking about those Miracle Whip jars, fitting standard lids. I bought some small pint sized jars from South America that still fit, and are glass jars, recently. that means they are still using jars, in other countries. they could do it here, if people would support the added expense of glass versus plastics.